Rapid mastery of technologies


With a diverse and over 25 year background as security sys admin, developer, sales, BD, product management, and product marketing, Michael Williams is able to rapidly master even the most arcane new technologies.

Leveraging my Engineering background from Stanford, I am able to cut through the technobabble and understand the core value- add of the new technology. I am skilled at uncovering initial or expansion markets via original research, leveraging my MBA studies at Santa Clara.


Take products to top via core product marketing skills even against entrenched competition

With both a Stanford engineering and a development background, able to rapidly master a new product and assess its true value versus competitive offerings to prospect segments. Leveraging MBA marketing research focus, can help determine best land and expand path or help pivot to the right approach. Proven skills with leveraging bundles, solutions, pricing, services, and use cases that maximize value from "what's on the truck" rather than waiting for a future release.

Proof point: have led over 20 products and companies to market and thought leadership versus larger, entrenched competition.


Create compelling content that convinces even skeptical prospects to engage

Execute custom research to understand business needs and emotional triggers of prospect personas. Compose compelling “Buyer’s Journey” content from scratch that takes the prospect from engagement to close. Articulate potent business rationales for investing in even a bleeding-edge product. Pivot ably to test new markets or to head to a more profitable direction.

Proof point: have achieved competitive win track record with metrics from 30% annually to 30% QoQ and up to 50% market share takeover.  


Drive revenue growth by collaborating with Direct, Channels, and Partner Sales teams

Drive revenue growth by ensuring that sales teams are better prepared than the competition and by removing key barriers to revenue. Craft Sales Journey of sales tools that maximize effectiveness of sales efforts. Understand and optimize both the buying cycle and the GTM process.

Proof point: Helped achieve #1 market share while at multiple companies, with revenue growth of up to 30% QoQ,  campaign metrics of up to 300% over goal and 79% penetration into targeted accounts in one year.