Create Compelling Content

Create Compelling Content For Skeptical Personas

Create compelling content that convinces even skeptical prospects to engage. 

Skills Summary

Execute custom research to understand business needs and emotional triggers of prospect personas. Create compelling “Buyer’s Journey” content from scratch that takes the prospect from engagement to close. Create compelling business rationales for investing in even a bleeding-edge product.

Scenario 1: For Infoblox, needed to introduce a new category of security - DNS Security - without causing a conflict with security partners. Response:

– Introduced a new category of security – at the DNS layer only. To justify, wrote a White paper to articulate the problem, why alternatives didn't suffice, the optimal approach (security within the DNS layer), and how other existing security layers were still needed: infoblox-whitepaper-defeating-apt-malware

Scenario 2: For Malwarebytes, needed to convince prospects that malware risks were significant at the server level, especially for Linux. Response:

– Introduced a new category of security – malware protection for Linux file servers to better protect both Linux and Windows files. Web page has been reformatted from my original):

Proof point: have achieved competitive win track record with metrics from 30% annually to 30% QoQ and up to 50% market share takeover.