Shape Analyst and Influencer Perceptions

Shape perceptions of those who influence target prospect segments - analysts and influencers

Skilled at influencing the influencers who can get the company and product set onto the short list for target prospect segments. 

Skills Summary

By "speaking the language" of analysts and influencers, am able to leverage their reach on behalf of the company and products. Known for establishing new categories and for turning around analyst perceptions.


Scenario 1: Malwarebytes launch of Linux server protection viewed as "idiotic" by a major analyst. Response:

– After debrief from exec team, major analyst group stated that new release was idiotic due to not having the functionality to compete in the market. AR team engaged me immediately to turn around perception.

– Instead of dealing with perceptions head-on, instead clarified the facts - there were 10's of thousands of seats potential for the product as-is since the end user product was being installed on and supported on servers.

– Key assumption that needed to be articulated was the installation location and usage (servers installed in the workgroup that ran file-sharing apps such as Samba rather than datacenter app servers).

– Finally, articulated how the release increased security and revenues while decreasing support costs significantly.

– Key Metric: Immediately turned around analyst perception, gaining their recommendation for the product.


Scenario 2: Nokia's approach depended on OpenStack but networking guidelines worked in lab but failed in production. Response:

– Contracted with prominent OpenStack influencer to produce value-add podcasts and a White Paper.

– Ensured materials were broadly accessible via TechTarget and via Nokia's outreach.

– For credibility, only listed Nokia as a sponsor, thereby establishing Nokia as an Open Source / OpenStack contributor. This helped put Nokia on the short list for OpenStack RFIs / RFPs.

– Key Metric: Both established Nokia as a thought leader in Open Stack and reduced buying cycle by 6-12 months due to eliminating production failures.


Scenario 3: Axiad's differentiators were not sufficiently articulated to analysts and prospect. Response:

– Rather than assume an outcome, created versions of messaging to explicitly test with analysts and with Axiad execs.

– Leveraged the differentiated messages that resonated the most and were the most succinct.

– Built the differentiated messages into corporate, sales, and analyst presentations.

– Key Metric: For the first time in company history, all teams approved and used the same set of messages. Messaging contributed to Gartner award for best brand turnaround.


Proof point: By influencing the influencers, was able to turn around overall perceptions, establish thought leadership, and drive revenue gains such as 30% YoY.